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Vikom Industry Ltd., (sia). is a Riga based Latvian metal trading and laser cutting firm with 59 employees. It makes commercial and industry metal products, including supporting frames for major buildings, observation towers, the metal components user in road construction, drain-hole grating covers and banisters on stairways.[1]

  • Firm type = Private[2]
  • Date of foundation = 24/04/2008[3]
  • The chief executive officer (CEO) = ?
  • HQ location = Riga[4]
  • Number of employees in 2012 = 59[5]
  • Corporate parent company = Non[6]
  • Industry sector = Manufacturing, especial y metal constructions.[7]
  • Corporate revenue = ?
  • Products = Cutting and making metalwork for industry and commerce.[8]
  • Homepage= [9]

Corporate historyEdit

It was founded on 24/04/2008.[10]

21/11/2013 Riga supermarket roof collapseEdit

Vikom Industries helped supply RE&RE with bolts and other parts for the Maxima Group supermarket that collapsed in the 21/11/2013 Riga supermarket roof collapse.

The Vikom Industry Ltd.a representative, Vladislavs Podgurskis, provisionally blamed the bolts joining the trusses together on the 25th. Vikom Industry request data on the bolts from the supplier on the 25th, Eurobolts, but they had none. The owner and CEO of Eurobolts, Olga Romanova, said on Nov' 26th that the company had no information on the bolts used and that the bolts had pulled out of the cement rater than breaking off.

ISO awardsEdit

The corporate quality control system it uses has been proved by the international Certificate ISO 9001.[11]

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Environmental policesEdit

Corporate statisticsEdit

  • Revenue- ?
  • Profit- ?


  • C.O.E.-?
  • M.D.- ?
  • Finances- ?


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