The Vietnam War is the second phase and is the most intense period of the First Indochina War and conneted to the events of Cold War. This is a war between two sides, one side of the Republic of Vietnam in South Vietnam and the United States, and some other allies such as Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines directly to war and a party the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in North Vietnam by the Vietnam Workers Party (the name of the Communist Party of Vietnam from February 11, 1951 and before December 20, 1976) along with leaders of the communists in South Vietnam and the support from the socialist (communist), especially the Soviet Union and China. This war but called the "Vietnam War" but the fighting spread to the entire Indo-China, embroiled in war both within neighboring countries as Laos and Cambodia at various levels


Burning Vietcong camp

The second proxy war during the Cold War, the first being Korean War.

Leaders of the Vietnam WarEdit

Communist forcesEdit


  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Le Duan
  • Ton Duc Thang
  • Pham Van Dong
  • Le Duc Tho


  • Vo Nguyen Giap
  • Hoang Van Thai
  • Van Tien Dung
  • Nguyen Huu An
  • Le Trong Tan
  • Hoang Minh Thao

National Liberation Front of South VietnamEdit

  • Nguyen Huu Tho
  • Nguyen Van Thai
  • Tran Van Ha
  • Tran Do
  • Nguyen Van Linh
  • Vo Chi Cong
  • Huynh Tan Phat

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