The Baltic Sea Port of Muuga (Estonian: Muuga sadam) is the largest cargo port in Estonia, located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, 13 km northeast of the capital Tallinn, in Maardu. Besides Maardu the seaport also occupies lands from the villages of Muuga (which once had it's own minor port) and Uusküla. It is one of the few ice-free ports in northernmost Europe. The Port is administrated by the Port of Tallinn, which is understandably the biggest port authority in Estonia. The construction of the new port at Muuga began in 1986.

The harbour covers an area of 2.8 km² land and 7.5 km² in aquatory (sea area). There are 28 quays with a total length of 5.9 km. The harbour's maximum depth is 18.0 m. The largest possible size of a ship is 300 ✕ 48 meters the usual amount cargo traffic using the seaport is about 20,000,000–30,000,000 tons.

There are 6 liquid bulk terminals, container, grain, coal, steel and a dry bulk terminals located in the port.

The near by village of Muuga is in Viimsi Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia.

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