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RE&RE overviewEdit

RE&RE is a major Latvian construction and building firm.[1]

  • Firm type = Construction and building firm.[2]
  • Date of foundation = ?
  • The chief executive officer (CEO) = Ainars Paunins[3]
  • HQ location = Riga[4]
  • Number of employees in 2012 = ?
  • Corporate parent company = ?
  • Industry sector = Construction and building work.[5]
  • Corporate revenue = ?
  • Products = ?
  • Homepage= [6]

Corporate historyEdit

21/11/2013 Riga supermarket roof collapseEdit

Re&Re is cooperating with all investigating authorities and handed all the necessary information and documents connected to the collapsed shopping mall to the authorities in the evening of November 21.

Re&Re and Maxima offered their official sympathies and apologies on the for the 21/11/2013 Riga supermarket roof collapse 23rd.

Re&Re was collaborating with the Latvian Welfare Ministry to provide long-term support for the treatment of both the rescuers injured on Nov 25th as part of an attempt to prevent the situation getting any worse.

It had requested the independent construction engineering company Arup Group Limited and British construction company BRE Global to carry out independent examinations of the construction materials and construction elements at the Maxima supermarket. The Latvian Independent construction expert, Aldis Grasmanis, was also been hired to help Arup Group Limited, BRE Global and RE&RE engineers do there checks.

Re&Re is also conducted an extraordinary audit at all sites where Re&Re had been performing construction, reconstruction and/or restoration work on up to Nov 25th- The new administrative complex of the State Revenue Service,

  1. Dzintari Concert Hall,
  2. National Museum of Art,
  3. Rezekne Higher Education Institution,
  4. Several apartment buildings in Riga's Imanta disrict,
  5. Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital's "Gailezers" clinic.

Subsidiary branchesEdit

Environmental policesEdit

Corporate statisticsEdit

  • Revenue- ?
  • Profit- ?


  • C.O.E.- Ainars Paunins [7]
  • M.D.- ?
  • Finances- ?


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