Alphabet[edit | edit source]

The Latvian alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet and consists of 33 letters. 22 of them are from the Latin alphabet and the remaining 11 are obtained from Latin letters by using diacritic marks.

The letters CH, Ō and Ŗ were changed H, O and R on 5 June 1946 by the Latvian SSR legislature. O was only used in loanwords and foreign names.

  • A, Ā, B, C, Č, D, E, Ē, F, G, Ģ, H, I, Ī, J, K, Ķ, L, Ļ, M, N, Ņ, O, P, R, S, Š, T, U, Ū, V, Z, Ž
  • a, ā, b, c, č, d, e, ē, f, g, ģ, h, i, ī, j, k, ķ, l, ļ, m, n, ņ, o, p, r, s, š, t, u, ū, v, z, ž

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