Flag of Latvian SSR 1919

The flag of the Latvian SSR of 1919-1920.

The Latvian Socialist Soviet Republic was a short-lived and chaotic socialist republic formed in Latvia during the Latvian War of Independence. It was a attempt by Bolshevik Russia to set up a client state in the region.

It was proclaimed on 17 December 1918, but did not come fully in to force until January 1919.

The LSPR armed forces, which consisted of the Red Latvian Riflemen and other allied units from the Russian Red Army, who soon captured most of what is now Latvia, forcing the Latvian president, Kārlis Ulmanis and his provisional government into a small pocket of free territory around the city of Liepāja.

Later Polish troops, Latvian government forces and German Freikorps militia men defeated them. Riga was freed on 22 May 1919, and Latgale was freed early in 1920.

It is to be noted that from a Polish perspective the Battle of Daugavpils was a part of the Polish-Soviet War.

The head of government was Pēteris Stučka.

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