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Unlike most Post - Soviet states, the Baltic states has been seeking West already since 1991.


The Baltic states has sold membership to:

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • European Union (EU)
  • Community of Democratic Choice (CDC)
  • Vilnius Group (defunct)

Individual RelationshipEdit


Relationship with Russia has been mostly frozen. The Baltic states, along with some Eastern European nations, accused Russia with war crimes. A notable issue affecting relationship was the move of the Bronze Soldier of Tallinn. Similarly concerns has raised in Russia since the admission of the Baltic States to EU and NATO in 2004, because Kaliningrad Oblast was surrounded by territories of EU and NATO as a result.

United StatesEdit

The US remains a close ally of the Baltics since 1991. America has supported the Baltic states in most conflicts with Russia, for example border disputes. However, the Baltic states, along with other Eastern Europeans, has been opposing

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