A map of Kaliningrad Oblast.

The Battle of Königsberg (or the Königsberg Offensive), was one of the last operations of the East Prussian Offensive during World War II. Soviet forces of the 1st Baltic Front and the 3rd Belorussian Front captured the city of Königsberg, now renamed Kaliningrad, In 4 days of violent urban warfare. The siege started in late January 1945 when the Soviets initially surrounded the city in case the German forces were more robust than expected. There was heavy fighting for the strategically important overland connection between Königsberg and the port of Pillau, but by March 1945 Königsberg was hundreds of kilometres behind the main front line. The battle finished when the German garrison surrendered to the Soviets on 9 April after a three day assault made their position untenable. It was a heavy Soviet Victory with 50,000 German casualties and 60,000 Soviet casualties.

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