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Riga airport

An AirBaltic Fokker 50 at Riga International Airport.


An AirBaltic Fokker 50 at Riga International Airport.

AirBaltic overview Edit

The A/S Air Baltic Corporation operates as AirBaltic and corporately styled as airBaltic. It is the Latvian low-cost carrier flag carrier airline. The firm's head office on the grounds of Riga International Airport. Its main hub is also at Riga International Airport.

It has 28 a fleet of aircraft and flys to 60 destinations. The frequent-flyer program is called Baltic Miles. The COE is Martin Gauss as of 2012.

  • Firm type = Nationalised
  • Date of foundation = 1995
  • The chief executive officer (CEO) = Martin Gauss
  • HQ location = Riga
  • Number of employees in 2010 = 1,443
  • Corporate parent company = ?
  • Industry sector = Aviation
  • Corporate revenue = €327.3 million (2012).
  • Products = Airline services.
  • homepage = [1]

Corporate historyEdit

it was originally a limited liability company since 1995. Air Baltic became a joint stock company with a 47.2% SAS airlines stake in it during 1999.

SAS airlines  sold out to Baltijas aviācijas sistēmas Ltd. (BAS) in January 2009 for 14 million Lats. In the December of 2010, BAS transferred when 50% to Taurus Asset Management Fund Limited, which was registered in the Bahamas, a place known for some sleazy economic firms.

The secondary flight hubs at Vilnius International Airport and Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, but majority of the routes to Tallinn were abruptly cancelled shortly after opening, leading to official complaints from both the Estonian Consumer Protection Department and a few hacked-off customers. AirBaltic announced it's intent to establish a new secondary hub at Oulu Airport, in a press release on 23 September 2010.

The then declining AirBaltic requested more than 60 million lats in capital investment during August 2011. Continued shareholder speculation and some political scandals hit it hard throughout 2011.

It has been state owned since 30 November 2011 after a financial crisis. In early 2012, AirBaltic confirmed that it had canceled the Oulu hub plan due to AirBaltic's continuing financial problems. It has since partly recovered and cut costs.

Environmental policesEdit

Corporate statisticsEdit

It operates from Riga International Airport in Mārupe municipality, near the Latvian capital, Riga.

  • Revenue €327.3 million (2012).
  • Profit -€27.2 million (2012). 


  • C.O.E.- Martin Gauss
  • M.D.- ?
  • Finances- ?